CASA | Set of 6 Flat Ceramic Plates, 6 Fruit Ceramic Plates, 6 Soup Ceramic Plates

green decorative pattern

These Italian handmade and handpainted plates are part of our brand new Casa e Cose collection, Limited Edition.

The Ceramic Plates can be used from casual aperitivo to fabulous dinner parties, easy to mix and match with our Tablecloths and Runners to set up your table and furnish your home with a classic touch of made in Italy - the perfect housewarming gift!

All ceramics in this collection are handmade in the south of Italy, Calabria.

You would never guess that this off-the-beaten-track region boasts one of the most enduring legacies of ceramics production in all of Italy. Ceramicists were at work at least as far back as the time when the region was a Greek colony.

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