Hello you!

Welcome to the world of LE TRE SARTE 

We believe in the resurrection of a sartorial, bespoke experience that delivers you perfectly-cut garments and high quality materials.

With this in mind, we opened our first Roman Atelier in Via dei Pianellari that offers tailor-made creations.

Every idea, design or garment we create is respectful to the surroundings it manifests in. This is possible thanks to our practices of:

  1. Buying fabrics from Italian dead-stock suppliers that otherwise would be thrown away
  2. Reducing waste by operating on a made-to-order basis instead of producing a whole collection
  3. Rescuing our own "waste" and turning it into gold by using it for collars, pockets, details. When leftovers are too small they end up becoming the filling of our limited edition cushions
  4. Offering an up-cycling service to transform your unworn piece into your new sparkling piece

How it works online: A number of limited edition creations are showcased on our platform and are made-to-order. A touch of personalization is always offered.

Bespoke: Contact us to discuss your made-to-dream piece:  you choose between a variety of styles, fabrics and colours and we will cut it to perfection.

The story of our logo

“Nullus locus sine Genio est” Servius

"No place is without a genius"

We appropriated ourself of the symbol of the Latin Genius. In Roman antiquity, the Genius (from the verb gignere, to generate), was a tutelary spirit, a guardian angel that was often personified as a snake.

The Genius was not only proper of the individual, but also of the community: of the family, of the State, of various associations…

We fell in love with this ancient image of a benevolent snake, infused it with a modern spirit and gave birth to our logo:

the Genius of LE TRE SARTE


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