Beach towel and Backgammon boardgame


Welcome to AGAZIA! The oversized stretch-yourself, super soft beachtowel to play Backgammon in all your favourite spots.

It’s the usual L3S QUALITY: a limited collection of 50 pieces handmade in Rome and each one is different.

Up to you to pick your preferred colour combo.

AGAZIA is our backgammon beach towel inspired by the old Roman boardgame Tabula (Byzantine Greek: τάβλι), the direct ancestor of modern backgammon.

The oldest description of the game is included in some epigrams of the historian and poet Agazia (527-567), headed down from the Palatine Anthology dedicated to the roman Emperor Zenone (476-481).

The word "backgammon" first appeared in print in 1645, but nobody knows where from. Both Shakespeare and Chaucer referred to the game as "Tables"  in their works. Tables is a derivation from its longer Roman name "Duodecum Scripta et Tabula".

Today, the word "τάβλι" is still used to refer to backgammon in Greece, as well as in Syria and Turkey (as 'tavla'), Bulgaria(as 'tabla') and in Romania (as 'table'); in these countries, backgammon remains a popular game played in town squares and in cafes.

From beach towel to breakfast table cloth, our backgammon is a must have essential for your table, to enjoy with family and friends.

It is useful, sustainable and fun all at once...

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