LE BOUTIQUE: Via dei Pianellari 15


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Nestled in the heart of Rome, just a stone's throw from the majestic Basilica di San Agostino, lies Via dei Pianellari, home to a boutique that epitomizes the essence of the Roman spirit. Le Tre Sarte is not just a name; it's a haven where the timeless art of bespoke tailoring thrives, blending tradition with innovation.

Here, the legacy of tailor-made craftsmanship, deeply rooted in Italian culture, is meticulously upheld across generations. The experience begins as you step into our quaint store or explore our virtual realm online. Your gaze is immediately drawn to a masterpiece beckoning from amidst a kaleidoscope of fabrics adorning our walls. Each fabric tells a story, and you have the privilege to choose the narrative that resonates with you.

Guided by our seasoned artisans, you embark on a journey of self-expression, selecting hues and textures that reflect your unique personality and style. Measurements are taken with precision, ensuring that every stitch, every seam, embodies your distinct essence. But the magic doesn't end there. We invite you to bring forth treasured garments, perhaps a beloved jacket passed down through generations, awaiting transformation into a bespoke marvel tailored exclusively for you.

At Le Tre Sarte, diversity reigns supreme. Whether you seek the timeless elegance of a FILIPPA coat, the contemporary flair of an OTTAVIANO ensemble, or the chic sophistication of an OPERA BAG, creativity knows no bounds. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond body shapes and sizes; it encompasses a reverence for sustainability.

Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship, we source premium Italian dead-stock fabrics, salvaging materials that would otherwise meet a premature demise. Through made-to-order production, we minimize waste, eschewing the conventional model of mass consumption for a more mindful approach. Even remnants find new life, adorning our creations with unexpected embellishments or finding purpose in our bespoke cushions, a testament to our dedication to holistic sustainability.

In the bustling streets of Rome, where history and modernity intertwine, bespoke tailoring finds its sanctuary. Le Tre Sarte stands as a beacon of tradition, a testament to the enduring allure of garments crafted with care and attention to detail. Our artisans, guardians of an age-old craft, seamlessly blend classical techniques with contemporary sensibilities, yielding garments that transcend mere attire to become embodiments of individuality.

Yet, our mission extends beyond preserving tradition; it's about reimagining tailoring as an inclusive space, inviting young and old, men and women alike, to partake in the art of self-expression. By championing made-to-order production and repurposing materials, we democratize bespoke tailoring, making it accessible to all without compromising on quality or integrity.

In a world consumed by fast fashion and fleeting trends, Le Tre Sarte champions a different narrative—one rooted in intentionality, creativity, and sustainability. It's a narrative that celebrates the marriage of artistry and ethics, where each garment is not just a reflection of style but a conscious choice to tread lightly on the planet. In this pursuit, we invite you to join us—to embrace the timeless elegance of bespoke tailoring and to write your story, stitch by stitch, in the fabric of history.