LE BOUTIQUE: Via dei Pianellari 17


To Our Boutique


Best place to feel the roman spirit.

It’s in Via dei Pianellari, Roma, that a boutique just around the corner of the immense Basilica di San Agostino comes to life with many goals. Le Tre Sarte is its name.

The tailor-made mindset has been passed through generations in Italian culture and in Le Tre Sarte we believe in the value of a “made to measure” piece. Think of it as an experience: you step foot into our store (or into the wonders of the internet) and there is this garment that immediately catches your eye.

You see the fabrics decorating our wall and get to choose any one of them. We consult with you, guide you through the splash of colors and, finally, your measurements are taken and your special one of a kind piece is in the making. Little secret: you can even bring your own fabrics, grandma’s lovely (but not perfectly fitting) jacket or vintage find and we will transform it into your dream piece!

We welcome every body shapes, personality and taste. Doesn’t matter if it’s a FILIPPA, an OTTAVIANO or an OPERA BAG, creativity comes to form in the eyes of the beholder.

Sustainability is also a big pillar holding the foundation of our business. We use the highest quality Italian dead-stock fabrics that otherwise would be thrown away, reduce waste by operating with made-to-order instead of building whole collections and, even with our waste, we find little treasures: in the collars of our vests, pockets and details. In the future, the small leftover may even become the filling of our limited edition cushions.

Everything has its own purpose, we make sure we never forget that. Although it may be designed by us, the final product is made by you.