SLOW REVOLUTION: The Pre-order System

Slow Revolution:

The Pre-order System

Thanks to our zero waste system, the quality and sustainability of L3S garments are possible. In this article we will explain what does it mean for you, how it works and why it is significant to us all.

Twice a year we will try to release a new collection, placing all of our new designs on pre-order. You can then pick and purchase your favourite look, granting us to figure out exactly how much to create, eliminating overproduction while slowing right down to a realistic pace.

After you have ordered, we start to hand-make the clothes, which it can take up to 10 days before shipping. The date will differ and in this of all at once it is worth to wait for something good.

Pre-order offers an breakout route from the cycle of consumer culture that compels people to buy more and more, faster and faster every day. We are hopeful that the spell between ordering and receiving, only adds to the experience the knowledge of acquiring crafted hand-made clothing that you know has been made with love and dedication strictly for you.

Our Fabrics

Since we are trying to reduce production from upstream, we select only unsold stocks or vintage textiles, thus the collections are both limited and with infinte choices.

So better hurry up! If you find the fabric of your heart, choose it for your apparel before it solds out...

We selected our sellers mostly within the Roman region, and in general always Made in Italy, we mostly use electric transportation, to reduce CO2 emission.

Be The Change You Want to See

Across the fashion industry, clothing is pre-made in large quantities. Overproduction is generally considered an acceptable loss to keep fashion fast and fluid. Pre-made production it may arrive immediately, but also it may never leave the warehouse.

Globally, more than 400million tons of clothing are produced every year by just fast fashion groups.

While it's not known exactly how much of this fails to sell, and yet just know that the world’s garments need prediction is of 102 million tons... 400% less! Statistics like these point towards an environmentally damaging means of production.

Manufacture only what you order means we’ll never waste dye, fabric, water, time and energy on the designs we consider essential to make: the ones that you have expressed you want to wear.

No spare stock means we also don’t have to balance for losses, consenting us to give you the fairest price. Everyone benefits on this new path.

Sustainability will only come by carving a new track that is walked slowly, with resolution and with the purpose of valuing every detail on the way. This is the pre-order nature - a slow revolution.