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L3S T-SHIRT | Printed Logo T-Shirt

 35 €

L3S T-SHIRT - Ur classic logo t-shirt that blends comfort and style, designed to elevate your everyday looks.

The story of our logo:
"Nullus locus sine Genio est" = "No place is without a genius" - Servius

We appropriated ourselves of the symbol of the Latin Genius. In Roman antiquity, the Genius (from the verb gignere, to generate), was a tutelary spirit, a guardian angel that was often personified as a snake.

The Genius was not only proper of the individual, but also of the community: of the family, of the State, of various associations…

We fell in love with this ancient image of a benevolent snake, infused it with a modern spirit and gave birth to our logo:

the Genius of LE TRE SARTE!

Made out of 100% light cotton.

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